Our Approach

Art is constantly evolving to reflect culturally diverse subject matters, artist backgrounds, and the contemporary political and social climates.  Gallery Rodeo strives to bring these new expressions of art to everyone in our communities, not just fine art connoisseurs.  By showcasing culturally significant works, Gallery Rodeo elevates our clientele to fine art aficionados.  Throughout the century our named artists have continued to break through societal norms.  This creates extraordinary freedom of expression and creativity.  Without constraint and restriction, without limits, anything can happen.
After almost a decade, we are proud to continue showcasing the most famous and astute artists to ever exist.  The aesthetic and conceptual quality of work shown at Gallery Rodeo has earned us an important role in the fine art world.

Our Story

Gallery Rodeo is a premiere destination for fine art in North America. Combined with Parke-Bernet and Galerie Vollard the group has one of the largest art galleries on the West Coast. Vin Lee, CEO of Grand Metropolitan, acquired the gallery in 2010 with a commitment to furthering the education and fulfillment of fine art in America.

Named for its origin on Beverly Hills famed Rodeo Drive in the middle of the Platinum Triangle of Los Angeles, the collection is for discerning and elite art enthusiasts.

Vin Lee

Founded in Beverly Hills, CA and acquired by Grand Metropolitan CEO Vin Lee to manage his personal collection of fine art at his Bel Air home, Gallery Rodeo is one of the most respected participants in the art world for the last decade.


Vin Lee

Founder & CEO

Grand Metropolitan CEO Vin Lee has been active in the art world throughout his entire life. Studying fine art from an early age, his first piece was acquired in 1992 from world famous Park West Gallery.

Parke-Bernet Gallery

New York, NY

East Coast operation of Gallery Rodeo.


Galerie Vollard

Paris, France

International trading arm of the North American operations.  Coming soon to Paris.


International Clientele

We ship anywhere in the world and accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept wire transfers from international collectors.g.